Selecting the right color for your Driveway is paramount.  It should complement your house and bring forth a harmonious balance with you and the outside world.      

In Feng Shui,  the driveway of the house is the entrance way of energy.   This broad defining expanse connects your home or business to the outside world.     

How you define and choose to react with this outside world often defines your life.   

As such,  your driveway can either attract or detract energy and opportunity. An earthy red driveway is commonly perceived as an attractor of opportunities that can often bring greater wealth (including raises, increased salaries, windfalls).  Whereas a more subdued black driveway, often drab in nature, can detract and sometimes even repel success.

The color red,  like fire,  is also known to be a symbol of power, desire, and transformation.  It is often used as the color of fame and recognition,   like the lady in the red dress that steals the show.

Decorating with “more earthy red tones”  signifies richness, luxury and wealth in all areas.  It creates the proper balance between the hot sexy reds and the dull drab blacks, and  invites and welcomes positive energy and opportunity into your house or business. 

It says, I am here, I look great,  and sends a warm welcome to all.  Therefore, for curb appeal,  there is really no better choice than an earth tone Red Driveway.        

Your neighbors,  your family, and passers-by,  will all love the look of your new driveway with minimal cost and effort by you.

 Reddriveway.com  shows you how to achieve this new invitation of wealth.    

Adding color to your driveway for instant curb appeal

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