• For your concrete basement and/or garage floor (non-skid additive available) 
  • Features include novel, one of a kind, metallic "showroom quality" designs
  • Hard, durable, long lasting, easy DIY application 

Highlights:    Readily available,   can be ordered today and completed next weekend.      

Select any of the metallic items below for checkout or just add them to your cart when ready.   It a nice weekend DIY project that will provide stunning results.   

You will impress your wife or significant other and the cost is well worth it.

Check out this beautiful  "showroom quality" shine

*** At checkout be sure to order a squeegee and taping materials,  but the kits contain all else.  Take full advantage of Amazon's free Prime 2 day delivery.    

Feel free to browse these products below and save them to your cart for when you are ready to purchase.      

Feel Free to Shop Now and browse Amazon.

Gun Metal Metallic     (2 pk)

Copper Pot Metallic   (2 pk)

Silver Bullet Metallic   (2 pk)

Cherry Bomb Metallic (2pk)

Burnished Gold Metallic (single coat)

Earth Brown ShineMetallic (2 pk)

Brilliant Blue Metallic (2 pk)

Amaretto Liqueur Metallic (2 pk)

The application is flawless and easy.

Do it yourself and save money!

Adding color to concrete flooring for instant property appeal

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