DRIVEWAY TATTOOS  (trademarked)  

In development,   rollout slated for 4th qtr / 2018

  • Currently we are the only company exploring Custom Driveway Art /  Stencils / Tattoos
  • We have contracted with a major company in Tolland, CT to create on demand large laser cut stencils up to 8ft x 8ft
  • The plan is to have the ability to create these "custom stencils" based on your design and/or we will carry a few custom designs that you can choose from.   
  • Sizes of the stencil is 8ft x 8ft.  max. ,    with smaller widths and lengths available
  • We will "roll up the extra large Stencils" and ship them out world-wide directly to you.
  • This will be a DIY application of driveway art /  tattoo that you can stamp on your driveway to make it one of a kind.
  • Instructions and materials will be sold and shipped to you and the DIY full kit will include the Stencil, a pint of Epoxy coating, and a pint of clear, durable top coat. 
  • Materials will include enough to re-coat every 2 years and should last a lifetime.
  • All this will be sold on Amazon and shipped to you.   


Again,  we are the only company known to be exploring this pioneering application of Driveway Art.

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