Brick Red,  Dover Gray,  Natural Beige

 Quick overview:     Have you ever thought of adding some COLOR to YOUR DRIVEWAY?  It's now really possible with these highly select specialty Epoxy Coatings.  Moreover,  you can now readily apply these Epoxy coatings yourself,  saving a few bucks.  These ultra durable, low cost, color coatings go on quite easily,  instantly increase your curb appeal,  and you will be the dire envy of your neighbors.  Everyone will want to know how you achieved such a beauty of a driveway!   Lastly whisper.... it's rather inexpensive to do.   You'll be quite surprised!

 see some actual reviews below     

Delivered to home address, quick. Product is well mixed. Easy to apply and clean up. High grade coating. Dries quickly to brick color. When applying initially , looks bright orange. - Very Satisfied,. Has been on for 2 weeks.
 Incredibly easy to apply with a rubber squeegee. Beautified a dull black surface.

We haVe A 4200 SQUARE FOOT DRIVEWAY on a house in Rye that needed to be sealed. I HAD SEEN RED DRIVEWAY SEALER BEFORE,BUT I WAS UNFAMILIAR WITH THIS PRODUCT. I called the manufacturer for a sample and to to get answers to the few questions that I had. Having been in business for 35 years, I have never found a MANUFACTURER TO BE SO HELPFUL - and that goes from the bottom to the very top!
THAT PRODUCT GAVE A STUNNING FINISH and I am sure it will last. My sincere thanks to John, who not only took the time to come to the site, but also for his guidance during the installation. I will use this whenever and wherever I can
Pros: Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Easy to Work With, Stylish, Seals Well, High Quality 



As folks shop and navigate back to cities,  the upscale trend is certainly to REPLACE ALL THAT OLD, UGLY, EXTREMELY HOT ASPHALT WITH BRICK PAVERS.  This certainly has helped with the overall beautification and aesthetic welcoming of towns and cities throughout the USA.  
While you too can certainly INSTALL A PAVER DRIVEWAY,....  it is quite a BACK BREAKING AND LABORIOUS JOB,  jack hammering all the old asphalt/concrete,    laying down heavy paver bricks, not to mention the EXORBITANT COST.  
With this new colored epoxy,   you can now achieve "A COMPARABLE LOOK" WITH FAR LESS EFFORT AND COST THAN LAYING DOWN BRICK PAVERS. 

Currently there are 3 colors available for Asphalt.   What color below do you like best? 


I've personally gotten some rave reviews of the "upscale look" of my new red brick color driveway. Everyone asks me where I got it,  how I did it,  and how they too can do it.  

 Who wants a drab boring,  extremely hot,  black driveway anymore? ....not me,  now that I have a choice!  


Other Trending uses for this Epoxy include:     Quaint city makeovers,  school/ pedestrian walkways,  Portland downtown revitalization & instant beautification,   Ashville outdoor walkways,   crossing paths,  small parking lots,  gated residential neighborhood driveways,  retail outlet sidewalks,  and ..... of course upscale RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAYS.  

imo Everyone is now quickly moving toward these new and exciting epoxy coatings to get the aesthetic, welcoming look we all desire,  at a price that is now incredibly low and utterly affordable.  

If you can paint you can epoxy!...  is our slogan   

It really is a relatively easy Do it Yourself project.  Difficulty 3 on a scale of 10.   


Number 2,    For Concrete,  the recent innovation of an ultra high gloss "Metallic Epoxy" that is now being used on high end retail showroom floors,   homeowner garages  and  residential basements.



 Check out this link below that shows what is possible in these new exciting Epoxy Metallic coatings.   While this is professional company,  you can achieve similar results and Do it Yourself!   


Here's the vast variety of the colors that are possible in Metallic Epoxy over concrete.  

Ideal for all types of floors:
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Patios
  • Retail Floors/ Showrooms



Remember back in the days went you only had an epoxy coating for bathtub re-glazing?  ... Re-coat your bathtub tub to a new-like finish.  This early application goes to show you the actual durability of Epoxy even in wet situations.  We'll times have changed.  Previous "Industrial Only" applications of Epoxy coatings are now stating to make their way to the general public.   That's right,  you can now buy these same coatings and best of all apply them yourself with fantastic pro-like results. 

  • 3x stronger than concrete
  • Self leveling
  • Easy to install

Tips you might want to consider when purchasing Epoxy.  

1) Figure out how much product you will need.  The easiest way is to right now visualize a 10ft x 10ft  square floor = 100sqft.  Then think how many of these 10ft squares would compriseyour driveway??

Rule of thumb,   Always buy more than you think you'll need,  because you don't want to run out before completing. 

  • If your driveway is rough and older you will certainly need more for adequate coverage
  • Plus it doesn't hurt to have some leftover for "annual touch-up",   skim coating.  

2) The 4.75 gallon "full pails" are very heavy,  have it delivered for free to your house address.  It typically arrives in 2 or 3 days,  so its not worth using your gas,   and more importantly,   your time to go out and pick it up.


3) Order a squeegee and driveway cleanser with your purchase.  Use your own rags and cleanup products to save money.


before applying the product I recommend following the steps below:


4)  Edge and remove all the driveway dirt and grime with a cleanser and hose or power washer if you own one.  A dirt free, clean driveway will hold the color better.  Use a degreaser if you have any oil spots.  Fill in all cracks with an asphalt crack repair product.

5) Watch the weather,  look 3 or 4 days out being sure the overnight weather is 55+ degrees so the product can adequately cure.  And,  positively no forecast rain which will surely dilute your application of the product.    

6) The rest is easy,  spread the product adequately using the squeegee, re-coat as needed so you have full coverage.  You are your own best judge of coverage.   

7) The product may look somewhat orange out of the bucket,  but have faith that it will dry a brick red.  

8) No worries,  get it done and revel in your accomplishment!  Show your wife, significant other, neighbors, and let them heap praise upon you.  

9)  That's it!   Easy does it.      

Actual Product specifications:   

If product is not available to order in your area that is due to nighttime temperatures. Product may not cure and/or track in late Fall and early Spring applications). Latex-ite 4.75 Gal. Color Grade Blacktop Driveway Filler/Sealer in Brick Red is the first tinted sealant for blacktop. Color grade is a ready-to-use, low VOC, water based sealer designed to beautify and protect your blacktop driveway with color. Color grade is a durable, tinted filler or sealer that resists hot tire pick-up, chemicals and leaves a non-skid finish. For use on exterior blacktop only (previously sealed or unsealed). Not for use on concrete. Not for use on commercial parking lots. Check the weather and make sure no rain is forecast and it is at least 55°F at night (a cold driveway will not allow the sealer to cure properly and may track).

California residents: see   Proposition 65 information 

  • Approximately 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. coverage for good condition, smooth or previously sealed blacktop
  • Approximately 300 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft. coverage for moderate condition, minor cracking or graying blacktop
  • Approximately 200 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. coverage for poor condition, rough or unsealed blacktop
  • Coverage will vary based on blacktop condition
  • 2 Coats (maximum) must be applied to achieve color uniformity completing each coat in one continuous application to prevent color shading
  • Apply with squeegee (no rollers) - brushes are fine for the edges
  • Remember: clean your driveway thoroughly so sealer will bond and make sure you do not seal when it is cold outside, it must be at least 55° at night for sealer to properly cure and last
  • Do not seal in early spring or late fall as the sealer will not last; it will not cure properly and may track
  • Ideal for sealing hairline cracks in blacktop driveways and walkways with color
  • Durable, low VOC formula
  • Car traffic ready 24 hours minimum, longer dry time recommended in higher humidity or cooler temperatures
  • Wait at least 30-days before rinsing or cleaning, use a mild detergent as needed, areas that have scuffed can be cleaned with soap, water and brush after 30-days, use only a mild or diluted soap or detergent, the use of pressure washers and abrasive cleaners should be limited to avoid sealer failure
  • An annual touch-up may be required in some areas subject to frequent tire traffic
  • Product may look orange in pail but will dry brick red
  • We recommend you continuously mix or ‘batch’ product during application for color uniformity
  • Color streaks will fade once fully cured
  • Color grade will not work on stamped asphalt
  • For large jobs it’s a good idea to use a new 30 gallon trash can, open and pour in 4 or 5 pails and using a mud flap and drill, mix as this will help you achieve consistent color

Lastly,  where do I see the Residential Epoxy Coatings heading?  

For epoxy coatings I see the trend moving toward ultra durable roofing applications and exterior paint additives.  Durable Epoxy has now been proven on bath tubs, concrete floors, driveways, and in other harsh environments ... eventually...imo ,  it will become a mainstay low cost roofing option.   Instead of shingles and metal that add substantial weight to the structure,   long lasting,  low cost epoxy coatings will directly cover a light weight underlayment sheathing, offering substantial waterproofing and exceptional durability.  

Someday,  a high gloss, low weight, glass-like Epoxy itself may even become the roof of choice as styles, designs, and novel applications progress.   Ahh.... the future.      

Good luck with your Epoxy Endeavor!   And I hope I convinced you to go Epoxy!   You'll love it!  

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